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試験科目:Oracle Database 12c: RAC and Grid Infrastructure Administration
問題と解答:全155問 1z0-068 テスト対策書

>> 1z0-068 テスト対策書


Which statement is true concerning the installation of an Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12c
patchset and its status during the installation?
A. When performing rolling patches, crsctl query crs softwareversion always displays the lowest
version of the software running anywhere in the cluster
B. They can be applied in-place.
C. When performing rolling patches, the VIPs for the node being patched are relocated to another
D. Some grid infrastructure patchsets may not be installed in a rolling fashion.
Answer: A

1z0-068 赤本   
To check the software versions on a single node or if the software version is the latest version
installed in on a cluster.
You would use this option when you do the rolling upgrade.
$ crsctl query crs softwareversion [hostname]

Examine this output:
The ACFS disk group has 10 GB free space and the file system is currently mounted.
You execute this command to increase the volume size:
ASMCMD >volresize -G ACFS -s 3G VOL1
Which statement is true regarding the outcome?
A. It succeeds but the file system is automatically unmounted.
B. It succeeds.
C. It fails because the -f option is not specified.
D. It fails because resizing a volume containing an ACFS file system must be performed using
E. It fails because the file system must be unmounted before resizing.
Answer: D

1z0-068 種類   
If there is an Oracle ACFS file system on the volume, then you cannot resize the volume with the
volresize command.
You must use the acfsutil size command, which also resizes the volume and file system.

You are developing a user callout procedure to send an email to the helpdesk whenever a RAC
database instance fails to restart after node failure.
Examine these tasks (see exhibit):
Identify the minimum steps required, in the correct sequence, to implement this.
A. 2, 4, 7, 8
B. 1, 3, 7
C. 1, 4, 7, 8
D. 2, 4, 7
E. 2, 5, 8
F. 1, 4, 6
Answer: C
FAN callouts are server-side executables that Oracle Restart executes immediately when high
availability events occur.
You can use FAN callouts to automate the following activities when events occur, such as:
To use FAN callouts, place an executable in the directory grid_home/racg/usrco on both the primary
and the standby database servers. If you are using scripts, then set the shell as the first line of the
executable. The following is an example file for the grid_home/racg/usrco/ callout:
#! /bin/ksh
FAN_LOGFILE= [your path name]/admin/log/`hostname`_uptime.log
echo $* "reported="`date` >> $FAN_LOGFILE &
Note: Oracle has proved options where a script or utility or application (called server side callout), if
placed in $GRID_HOME/racg/usrco directory, will be executed automatically.
References: Expert Oracle RAC Performance Diagnostics and Tuning (2014), page 506

Which three statements are true regarding multitenant architecture for RAC databases?
A. One UNDO tablespace for each instance is required.
B. All the containers share the same SYSTEM and SYSAUX tablespaces.
C. One UNDO tablespace for each PDB is required.
D. PDBs can have local temporary tablespaces.
E. You can open one, several, or all PDBs on one, several, or all CDB instances.
Answer: A,D,E
B: For an Oracle RAC CDB, one active undo tablespace exists for each instance.
C: From a physical perspective, a CDB has basically the same structure as a non-CDB, except that each
PDB has its own set of tablespaces (including its own SYSTEM and SYSAUX tablespaces) and data files.

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